Journalist, Communication Executive, Consultant

English, French, Russian


Virginie Coulloudon is a former communications executive in a security International Organisation and two global NGOs. Twenty years of work at strategic level in diplomatic and sensitive environments have taught her how crucial it is to control change before change controls you. The cost of inaction is always high. So is the risk of losing sight of how your ecosystem grows. Coulloudon has developed an innovative approach that includes active listening of corporate ecosystems’ needs, early warning of reputational risks, and strategic communications of any public policy, sustainability and corporate plan.
She is the recipient of several awards throughout her career, notably for developing synergy between Company’s divisions. She now focuses on public value creation, change and leadership, particularly when the challenge includes multidisciplinary teams and when diplomatic sensitivity is required. A former permanent correspondent in Moscow in the 1990s and a former academic at Harvard and Princeton Universities, she works in English, French, and Russian. She holds a PhD in History and is the author of three non-fiction books.

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