Mental Health, Psychology, Resilience 


Sandra Wigren is a Swedish a public speaker and founder of SoulFitness, she is also a professional clown and performer.  

Sandra used to work as a TV presenter when a huge nature catastrophe came and swept everything away in her life.

She did not only survive the Tsunami in Khao Lak Thailand 2004, but she also survived the Tsunami that hit her life after the dramatic event.

That is her true survival story.

She was suddenly caught in a devastating downward spiral that erased everything in her life. Her job, her home and left her with huge debts. 

Her new kind of survival was a desperate fight with long hospital stays, wrong diagnostics, post traumatic stress and alcohol, to drugs, prostitution and attempted suicides and leaving her 5 years old son behind.

Falling through a roof and climbing to the top of a palm tree to save her life during the Tsunami, gave birth to a huge respect for the physical and psychological capacity of humans.  Sandra decided to study to become an international personal trainer, with the concept of ”fit from within”. Today her company, SoulFitness, is well established, and her public speaking tour “From Pain to Power” is worldwide.

She is a member of Global Woman Club and coauthor of the book Transformational Stories.

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