Welcome to Our Miss CREATIVECOSMOS World

Miss CREATIVECOSMOS is a female speaker agency, connecting powerful visionary female speakers, thinkers,  leaders and creative minds with local and global businesses and audiences. Typically our clients are medium to large corporations, political and business panels, conferences and NGO's that are looking to address and engage their entire market. Companies need to aim to have more corporate social responsibility  and public value by investing in female intellectual capital and to include female perspectives and strategies to bring influence in business, science, tech, political, environmental solutions, sustainability etc. Companies who are investing in the female voice and have diverse boards more likely to mirror their customer and client bases. This helps to produce better purchasing and buying decision and results in 42% greater return. (Harvard analysis).

We are providing the female intellectual capital you need to profoundly impact your entire market now and in the future. We have a complete and inclusive message that reaches, relates and inspires businesses to action.

Alexandra Kinga Fekete